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Frequently Asked Question

Buying the product
What should I consider before purchasing a product or service from Reliant Spray Systems?

Usually, one of three conditions is present before a call is made to Reliant Spray Systems:
1. A client is starting a new business.
2. A client is growing and/or needs an upgrade in equipment or technology.
3. A client has been “tagged” by authorities and is shut down.
In either case, Reliant Spray Systems responds by gathering information, considering scenarios, and then recommending a solution to our client.

What differences are associated with price?

Price is associated with labor, material, and associated fees. A bid is presented after careful consideration of our client’s needs and an assessment of the facility where a solution is required. Reliant Spray Systems can do much or as little as our client requests. Typically, these fall under the following categories:
1. Consultation
2. Processing
3. Equipment
4. Installation
5. Negotiation intervention

EPA and Department of Air Quality
When does the law require an air quality permit?

There are a few variables that are weighed when dealing with air quality compliance. The primary governing law is the Federal Clean Air Act. However, state and local government that choose to exceed federal standards are normally allowed to enforce these higher standards. In general, however, there is an emission threshold for VOC and HAP values that enforcing agencies consider when requiring a permit. A Reliant representative will have these and other answers to assist in your search for compliance answers and solutions.

Project timeline
How long will it take to get up and running?

The choice of product model, manufacturing time, permit processing, workload, and other variables all play into the mix. Solutions can be as brief as a few days to a few weeks or possibly months. It simply depends upon the situation. The bigger the job, the more time required.